Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. is the holding subsidiary of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., with its stock name “Smarter Energy” and stock code “600869”. Smarter Energy specializes in smarter energy and smart city technology, product, service as well as the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the application of its Internet and Internet of Things; planning and design of smarter energy and smart city projects, investment and construction and energy efficiency management and service; smarter energy and smart city EPC, etc. Smarter Energy has Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Academician Expert Workstation, Jiangsu Corporation & Postgraduate Workstation, National Corporation Technical Center, National Recognized Laboratory and other scientific research bases.

At present, subsidiaries of Smarter Energy include Far East Cable Co., Ltd., New Far East Cable Co., Ltd., Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd., Far East Trading Pay Network Co., Ltd., Far East Material Trading Center Co., Ltd., Anhui Cable Co., Ltd., Shengda Electric Co., Ltd., Beijing SEMEUREKA Electrics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Intelligence Power Co., Ltd., Far East Earn Electrics Co., Ltd. and Far East First New Energy Co., Ltd. Among them, the production and sales of Far East Cable Co., Ltd. have continuously ranked the first in China’s wire and cable industry for 19 years, and it is the only winner of “National Quality Award” in the industry. Far East Trading Pay Network Co., Ltd. is a global electrical, electronic and  e-commercr platform. Beijing SEMEUREKA Electrics Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic provider of PTD automatic system. Shanghai Intelligence Power Co., Ltd. boasts the A-grade qualification for engineering design in power industry (transmission and substation engineering), B-grade qualification for engineering design industry of power sector, and C-grade qualification for thermal power and new energy consulting. Intelligence Power is a leading system service provider in China specializing in power survey and design, power EPC, project management, engineering technology consulting, service and energy investment.

Smarter Energy takes “to create value and serve the society” as its mission and adheres to the core value of “to be faithful and pragmatic, to innovate and create excellence, and to be harmonious, smart and pursue win-win”. Smarter Energy devotes its efforts to be a smarter energy expert, a service provider of Smarter Energy and Intelligent City system, which is loved by employees and respected by the society.

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